The Media Hasn’t Stolen the Election from Bernie Sanders Yet


Lionel Rupp and Michael Mitchell, the creators of the documentary project Citizens United! and members of the artist collective Zooscope, are distressed at the Associated Press’s announcement and the RTS’s subsequent publication of the title: Hillary Clinton remporte assez de délégués pour décrocher l’investiture (Hilary Clinton wins enough delegates to take the nomination) on the morning of June 7th. This title, which is immediately contradicted within the article itself, is only one example of the media bias that has skewed the nomination process in favour of Clinton for the Democratic Party since the beginning. The results of the California primary on the same day could very well be a consequence of this premature announcement, but we will never know for sure.  

As observers of Bernie Sanders’ campaign, we have witnessed another version of the elections from the perspective of those who are supporting an outsider to a biased system. Sanders’ candidacy has proven immensely successful considering the strong foothold of Clinton has in the Democratic establishment and the advantage secret and large campaign donations have given her, enabled by the Supreme Court decision Citizens United v. FEC.

In contrast to the questionable media decisions taken not only today but over the past couple of months in Switzerland and abroad, we look forward to continuing our observation of Sanders’ campaign all the way to the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia (July 25th to 28th) to witness the selection of the candidate for the Democratic party when all of the delegates have cast their vote.

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